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De Haas Groepsdynamica, established in 1985, offers a variaty in ‘groupproducts’ suitable for different professional domains as: healthcare, welfare, forensic psychiatry, education and businesstrade.

It contains training in groupdynamics, occupational- or procesdirected teamtraining, and certified training in groupwork and grouptherapy. The starting point is allways the groupdynamic theory. Customers are spread all  over the Netherlands.


Founder and leading trainer is Willem de Haas (1947), expert in the field of groups and teams. He has many years of experience as individual- and grouptherapist and teamleader. Willem de Haas works part-time in mental health care in Assen, Holland.

Next to this job he offers with De Haas Groepsdynamica lectures, workshops and training in the sphere of groupdynamics, grouptreatment, and the organisation of teams.

willem de haas

Willem de Haas is gouvernamental (BIG) registrated clinical-psychologist and psychotherapist, member supervisor and trainer of the Dutch association for groupdynamics and grouppsychotherapy (NVGP), member, supervisor and trainer of the Dutch association for Client-centered therapy (VCgP), registrated Clinical psychotherapist and member of the Dutch association for Pessotherapy.

Within his bureau De Haas Groepsdynamica Willem de Haas works together with other trainers. His network contains professionals as dramatherapists, organisational psychologists and other grouptherapists.

  Recenty published by Willem de Haas


A manual for establishing and leading groups in health-care, based on groupdynamic theory